Software Portfolio

A sample of our actual projects

* All images are actual program images. Some images have been modified to protect client information or to put emphasis on a particular section.


A simple application to provide direct access for mobile users to put photos directly into project folders. Quick and simple, they don't need to mess around finding folders or logging in remotely, they simply open the app, select the project, take the photo (or select an existing photo) and click upload. Sure they could just email it, but then they would need to organise it when they are back in the office and how often does that happen? Less handling, higher effeciency.


An environmental data management system geared towards sample collection, processing, analysing and reporting. This system was developed as standards LIMS (Lab Information Management Systems) were not suitable. They focused on analysis of samples rather than the collection, tracking and reporting of samples.

No having to work around or fight the system. This system does what it needs to do, not more, not less. With inbuilt flexibility where needed, the system can change with the business without requiring extra development.


Redevelopment of an obselete Windows CE solution to run on .Net on a readily available windows tablets or laptops. It features automated backup to an SD card, automated data download via serial communications, 1-click sync of field data. It is designed to work offline, so no mobile network coverage is required, making for a very reliable solution.


A user with a complex spreadsheet needed it to perform a few functions to make it friendlier. We coded up some custom functions do to some data lookups and automate a few error prone manual steps.


An companion to our environment data management system, a mobile field logger to record results in the field. It features offline usage (Operating without a 3G connection), GPS, Maps, full sample history, immediate validation of field results, automated backup to an SD card. It is highly streamlined and extremely easy to use. This is an actual photo of a logger (We had to clean it a little first).


Our largest project to date. This project is a completely new system to replace several legacy systems that have fundamental floors making them difficult to maintain and near impossible to enhance. A custom system was decided on after considering all the options of off the shelf systems and deciding that the system needed to fit the business, not the business [try and] fit the system. There are too many features to list here, but the goal of the system is to completely assist and automate the business processes where possible, decreasing the requirements for employee skills and knowledge, reducing manual handling errors and decreasing the time required to complete tasks.


Graphical Workflow dashboard for tracking project status. This project was developed as an enhancement to an existing system which was not suited for graphical environments. Providing an instant overview of job progress, possible bottlenecks in workflow, and allowing drill down to get to the details. It was later enhanced to provide update of project status and workflow directly from the graphical report.


A system developed for a specific purpose. Data is passed in a given form, it processes this data and reports it in the required form. This data processing previously was done manually (on a computer as a series of copy pasting, sorting, filtering, grouping, aggregating, transposing and calculating), was open to user error and required days to complete. This program completed the same function consistently in under a minute.


A client trapped with a piece of software that was core to their business, but fell short of their needs. We added an additional program on the side with various utilities and reporting functions to give them the extra functionality required. All without breaking or making any changes to the off-the-shelf program they were using.

This project has been added to again and again over the years, constantly saving the business time and money.


A cumbersome system for auto generating reports was always breaking. Any fixes to it's output required a specialised programmer to make changes to the reporting scripts. We replaced this solution with a very simple process which generates a very nice looking report in Microsoft Word & Excel format. It contains charts, tables, automated passages of text, aggregations on data, over 20 pages of reporting. By outputting the report to Word, any variations required in this complex report can be done by an average user. Furthermore the report template itself is in Excel and can easily be updated for many changes.

By automating reporting, it can save days of report writing, and most importantly removes errors caused by transcription and copy pasting of data and passages